105 epoxidharz

Das 105 Harz ist ein klares, niedrigviskoses, flüssiges Epoxidharz. Es wurde für die

Verwendung mit einem der vier WEST SYSTEM® Härter formuliert. Es härtet in einem weiten Temperaturbereich aus, um einen hochfesten Stoff mit exzellenter Feuchtebeständigkeit zu bilden.

Das 105 Epoxy Harz, ist ein hervorragender Kleber, wenn es im richtigen Mischungsverhältnis mit einem WEST SYSTEM Härter gemischt wurde. Es wurde speziell entwickelt für die Benetzung und Verklebung von Holz, GFK, Verstärkungsfasern, Schaum, anderen Verbundwerkstoffen sowie einer Vielzahl von Metallen.

A wide range of applications
WEST SYSTEM 105 Epoxy Resin is an excellent adhesive with many applications. Used in conjunction with WEST SYSTEM fillers, it is used to bridge gaps and fill voids which, when cured, can be sanded and shaped.

When used with a roller, WEST SYSTEM 105 Epoxy Resin exhibits excellent thin-film characteristics which enable it to flow out and self-level without the adverse effects of ‘fish-eyeing’. This is thanks in large part to its viscosity of approximately 1000 centipoise (cp) at 22°C. When used with WEST SYSTEM 207 Special Clear Hardener™, on the other hand, it cures with excellent clarity making it suitable for achieving a natural wood grain finish when coating with varnish.

Storage and shelf life
With proper storage, WEST SYSTEM 105 Epoxy Resin and hardeners should remain usable for many years, especially if the containers are kept closed in order to prevent contamination. Over time, the resin will thicken slightly which, in turn, will require extra care when mixing. Both resin and hardeners should be stored at room temperature. Indeed, if the resin freezes and thaws out many times it can cause crystallisation. If this happens, however, it is a simple matter to dissolve the crystals by warming the resin to 50°C and stirring for a while.

Lloyd’s Register –The WEST SYSTEM Resin and Hardener combinations have been approved by Lloyd’s Register following an extensive test programme.